The Finalbion team specialises in working capital financing for businesses.

We identify the most efficient financing for each company after familiarising ourselves with your customer base and invoices.

“Our success lies in adapting ourselves to your daily life”

Advantages for the company

  • Offers immediate liquidity financing sales revenues.

  • Increases leverage ratios and working balance
  • Reduces receivables
  • Covers the risk of authorised debtor insolvency (with non-recourse factoring)
  • Improves the efficiency of collection management
  • Allows for improvements in treasury planning
  • Not included in CIRBE

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Customer Service
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Customer Service
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FINALBION Sarl, a limited liability company, with its registered office at “39, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg”. Registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Luxembourg under number B 196338